October 2009: After 16.005 km we are back in Germany
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From Banker to Biker

Welcome to the website of Julia and Stefan.

We realized our dream from January 2007 to October: a several year around-the-world-cycling trip on a tandem!

We started our passionately longed for around-the-world-cycling trip at the other end of the world in New Zealand and cycled there for four months (Auckland to Invercargrill and back). We stayed in Hawaii the whole of May (Big Island) and then started the northern part of the famous Panamericana (Anchorage to L. A.). For the last three weeks of 2007 we cycled on Barbados. You can find all pictures in our Photo Section.

The route in 2008? We started in L.A. and cycled the whole of Baja California and did then the Pacific Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles, before we headed onto the Camino de Santiago. Our final part of our journey was reached in Southern Peru.

Our book is on the market now, but unfortunately only in German.

Thank you all for taking part in this once in a lifetime event, and if you like to contact us or join our free newsletter, just write to:

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